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Digital Context

Struijk Lucas

I consider myself a multidisciplinary Graphic designer and artist. Oil on canvas, pencil on paper, graphic design, digital art, and Virtual Reality are all mediums that I enjoy exploring and improving my skills in. My current work explores mental health, stress, and the human body.


Triggers is a Virtual Reality therapy sandbox made to combat Misophonia through counter-conditioning.

Researchers have discovered that certain sounds elicit strong negative reaction among groups of people. One's Misophonia, or "hatred of sound", can be triggered by certain sounds that most would consider unnoticeable. Common triggers include: heavy breathing, smacking lips, typing on a keyboard, chewing food, and clearing of the throat.

While Misophonia is a recent discovery and requires more research to fully grasp, researchers suggest traditional counter-conditioning to help mitigate the intensity of Misophonia. The project revolves around the intent of helping those with Misophonia by creating a safe and controlled environment where the audience can control the intensity of Misophonia triggers. The intent is to have the audience slowly be accustomed to the triggers over the course of the presentation. During the project's runtime, the triggers will increase in repetitions while the surroundings of the audience will change and shift to counteract the intensity of the Misophonia. At the end of the presentation, the audience will be able to control the visuals and the repetitions of the triggers to give the audience control of their environment.