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Applied Context

Pedro Pedroso

I'm Pedro, I'm twenty-two years old, I arrived from Portugal and was very happy to become a student at Sint Lucas. Throughout this difficult year I had a feeling of fulfilment for the simple fact that I could focus on my work and my art and outgrow myself in different ways. I love illustrations with a narrative idea in the backstage area and I'm always inspired by nature and female figures that capture both empathy and beauty.


Even though many people believe tarot cards can read the future, I personally believe they are a window that let us peak inside ourselves. With this idea in mind, I decided that this project would be a conversation opener, and this can happen in one of two ways, either between you and a family member, perhaps a friend even, or between you and yourself. You’ll be able to have hard to have conversations, about topics often considered taboo but also find some harmony and peace within yourself and forge your own path towards self-acceptance and happiness. All the illustrations have different meanings, but they’re in your hands now and it’s your job to interpret them in any way you see fit, there aren’t any wrong answer.