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Applied Context

Oliwia Marzec

Oliwia Marzec (°1998) is a Polish born Belgian raised designer and is researching her own artistic practice within graphic- and editorial design. Fascinated by technology in the digital age, she likes to research her self-taught code language and how a few numbers and certain characters can be used to translate into numerous expressions in different art- and design disciplines.

The Geogrids

The Geogrids is a research around my personal artistic practice around how geometry and grids can be a basis for an art and design practice. Geometry and grids have been processed in various, innovative and legendary ways in history: from print and carpets to exhibitions and building blocks for kids. While living in the digital world, I wanted to show how I, as a designer and a digital artist, could evolve and translate my own creativity by code and graphic design and contribute to all my personal inspirations to my very own work.