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Applied Context

Lana Van Goethem

Hi there. I've always seen myself as an illustrator, but I've learnt to profile myself as an autonomous artist within an applied context. I enjoy walking the line between abstract and figurative work. As for mediums, I thrive in an experimental environment that allows mixed media and everything at once ! Analogue printing techniques being my favorite.

Quality of Consciousness / Kwaliteit van Bewustzijn

Quality of consciousness / Kwaliteit van Bewustzijn, is about breaking routine and bad habits through mind altering experiences and challenging the things that make you YOU. As a person in the creative industry it is hard to maintain originality, motivation, and creativity when one never changes their frame of mind. Routine and habit become a rigid mold that fit each coming day and situation perfectly. To me it seems to easy to keep the same work ethic and approach as an artist and as a person in general. Therefore I asked myself how different states of consciousness would influence my artistic work and my personal growth as well. It grew to be different series of tests with different mediums such as painting, monotype printing, photographic etching, and video animation. With painting I used forms of guided meditation, music, psychedelic mushrooms, physical activities, and sleep deprivation, video animation alike. In the printing process I tried to visualize dreams and the feelings certain states evoked. I found that each state caused some form of discomfort that I had to battle through to reach some sort of result. But I am a strong believer in discomfort being a great teacher, and the lessons that were learnt can be introduced into your daily life. Because habit and routine is something we all fall back into, yet this time I know how to shake things up again.