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Applied Context

Kinda Ghannoum

Kinda Ghannoum is a Syrian Polish graphic designer, currently based in Belgium. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Damascus University, She decided to shift her career to focus on graphic design and branding, with Arabic type, patterns, and geometrical ornaments became a massive source of inspiration. Her journey has led her to create award-winning work for various international books, NGOs in Syria, the Obama Foundation, companies and start-ups around the world. Kinda and a small team co-founded the @SyrianDesignArchive.

Kaaf Print

Kaaf Print, a publishing initiative that documents the Syrian history of design.

Syria is a country of rich history and culture, “It is also a country with a broad range of cultural activities in modern history such as printing, journalism, theatre, and art. Those factors put together, positively affected the graphic design practice in Syria and gave it a rich visual heritage, due to the way Syria lost many important archives and documents. to prevent this problem Kaaf Print and Syrian design archives were created. Kaaf print A self-publishing house focuses on endangered cultures by publishing zine( small magazine) with different topics. Syrian design archive is not only a celebration of the unique cultural heritage of the Syria design history, but it is also a preservation of Middle Eastern country in an age of rapid technological evolution.

Kaaf Print's mission is to create a place where people can find information about the history Syrian graphic design as a start and later on other endangered cultures.