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Applied Context

Kelly Weiszenberg

Hi I'm Kelly Weiszenberg, born and raised in Antwerp. During my master year at Sint Lucas Antwerp I wanted to combine my love for houseplants and graphic design. I knew for myself why I became so passionate about plants and I was very curious about why others love plants so much. I started an Instagram page called 'Greenplantmom' in 2019 and a blog was born in 2020. I discovered that I love informing people and this is something I definitely wanted to continue in the master's program.

Planten vrienden

Everything started from the question "what is the influence of plants on our (emotional) well-being?". This then became my research question for the paper. I built the blog further and better and appealed to the plant community, guest speakers were featured, and brands noticed me to highlight their products on the blog page.

I wanted to give the smaller plant shops a boost after a very difficult year and thus started the #12shopsof2021, every month I visit a Belgian plant shop. I chat with the owner and take some pictures, which are then published as an article on the blog, via Instagram I let my audience know that there is something new online. Because I see plants as much more than a green addition to your interior, I started a plant friend book on the blog website, on the 'plantcare' page. People can send me the care of their favorite plant and that way we inform each other.

From this came another concise informational publication that uses QR codes to direct you to the appropriate articles online to continue reading about the topics that appeal to you. In all of this, I emphasized with photographic images of my own houseplants.