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Applied Context

Hannah Luyten

Hannah Luyten is a 23 year old graphic designer based in Antwerp. She learned a lot of her drawing and painting skills during her time at Sint Lucas High School. Later she learned to work digitally using the Adobe programs during her bachelor's at AP University College in Antwerp. Today, during her master’s at Sint Lucas Antwerp, Hannah aims to combine both of these worlds. Her best work starts manually (painting, drawing, collages...) and gets finished digitally. "I love how precise and direct I can create using my hands, while I also love the different altering techniques Photoshop and Illustrator provide."

THE VERB Magazine

THE VERB Magazine aims to address issues within the fashion industry while bringing sustainable initiatives to light. We show you the problems and give you the tools to adjust your lifestyle. With a limited edition and made out of recycled materials, THE VERB Magazine presents a high-end version of sustainable fashion. We aim to normalize sustainable fashion, our motto: Make sustainable fashion, fashion. In this first issue we focus on new and upcoming talent that Antwerp has to offer and how they’re broadening the sustainable fashion industry. Each issue has a different title: an imperative that urges the reader to change, because it all starts with us.

First up: Inner Child. Ina Van Vaerenbergh started her business after altering her clothes for years. While studying fashion, she wanted to show the world how secondhand coats and jackets can be turned into unique garments you’ll treasure forever. Using bold and colorful fabrics to merge with secondhand classic trenchcoats, she makes pieces that are sold out within hours on her Instagram page.

Next up: HNEY DEW Gloss. Sisters Anouk and Manou Lombardo started a webshop selling homemade all-vegan and cruelty-free lipglosses. When vegan lipgloss options were so limited, they decided to make them themselves. Since then, the business has grown into a successful local company.

Lastly: Oh-live! Studio. Best friends Stefanie and Stephanie started their online webshop in October of 2020. They live by a zero-waste philosophy: selling garments made from deadstock fabrics to scrunchies making sure every last piece of fabric is used. They currently have a showroom and have gained quite some media attention ever since. Next stop: stores!