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Socio-Political Context

Christine Ivanov

I'm a graphic designer from Brussels. I have worked as a graphic designer for a few years now. My professional background led me to a frustrating but inquiring position on how to reconcile my practice with my ethical values. Part of my research is about how graphic designers can become agents for social change by questioning our role and responsibilities to develop a more conscious practice through a participatory and inclusive way of working.


(un)design is a collaborative space that takes the form of a workshop. It is a pedagogical tool for expanding knowledge and deconstructing social norms through design. It aims to democratize the practice of design by making it accessible to everyone. Anyone who feels the need to exchange ideas and raise awareness about ethical issues related to design can participate.

For my future research, I am currently working on a platform to make all contents of the workshop sessions accessible to everyone. The idea is to provide open resources for whoever would like to engage in a more ethical practice by allowing them to use all the contents from the previous workshops. Anyone could go on the platform, follow the instructions, facilitate it online or physically.

This is an ongoing process, so stay tuned for updates ☺