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Socio-Political Context

Charlotte Rother

I am Charlotte, a Designer from Berlin. My work is socio-political due to my choice of context, yet it was particularly important for me to work out the social aspect, the work is a way for both the audience and the participants to gain a sense of belonging, and to bring people together as a group.

Where are we going?

See the world through different eyes, what do you see? Coming together is difficult in times of pandemic. The feeling of togetherness is the drive for inspiration. A co-creation project with various artists who pursue the question of what we can achieve together and how we can present ourselves. What are the limits of an exhibition? My work is an exhibition, as I have been working intensively with the theme "White cube" this year I thought it exciting and fitting to document our time and results together with my 4 artists. A video recording will capture theresult for eternity.