To my only l*** / الى ح** الوحيد

To my only l*** / الى ح** الوحيد


Socio-Political Context  2022-2023

To my only l**e is an experimental publishing project that questions usage of languages, relationships with mother tongues, and modes of expression for communities that are "unseen" or underrepresented. This first attempt is a personal publication that is inspired from the journey and heritage of Arabic calligraphy, with personal letters addressed to various figures, in a metaphorical sense, including the Arabic language.

To my only l*** is an exploration of language in the context of self-expression, using Arabic as its main subject/protagonist. The project draws inspiration from the history, heritage, societal impact and significance of Arabic calligraphy as a medium, in an attempt to raise questions on the power of language as a tool for liberation and oppression. The project poses questions around groups of people or individuals that are under/mis/not-represented in societies because of their highly intersectional nature and inability to live their identity as a whole.

The first phase is a series of letters written to address the writer’s “only” lovers, using the cliché’s that the notion of love carries, and imagines language as a primary lover. The ultimate aim of the project is to create a crowd-sourced roaming zine that would allow individuals that do not have the right/privilege of self-expression find a venting outlet. The aspiration is for the zine to be used as a tool for solidarity, empathy and documentation of unseen narratives and realities.