Melina Miglionico

Autonomous Context  2022-2023

My work contains a playful twist, it started with trying to work around subjects most people consider as taboo. To make it more ‘digestible’ I started to create my own sense of humor I intertwine into my art. A short documentation and reflection of my own feelings and how my memories affect them. To ask the question: How are you feeling? and what?

I documented the course of my memories, how they affect my past, future and present. How it can affect feelings and how we work with them. Using my own brain as an archive, going back to places and moments to recall emotions from now and then and comparing them. A journey, to have a different view on the world, myself and my feelings. A journey to understanding of our own feelings.

Watercolor is a medium that never truly can be controlled. It has a way of its own, just like our memories, feelings and our way of looking at the world.

The same as clay, you can manipulate it, yet sometimes it speaks for itself. That is how I found a form, to give to 'memories'. Comparable to a city of buildings, connected and intertwined, in different shapes and forms.

There are maps (location) and clocks (time) that are a representation of my emotions, all overlapping and connected, never-ending.