Venus transit (herald)  WIP whip smack

Venus transit (herald) WIP whip smack

Julia Tröscher

Autonomous Context  2022-2023

Venus transit, title of a poem, an installation in progress and film to be. Venus transit is galactically slow: it takes time to expand, become, to reshape from dust. Wip whip Smack it is fast, full energy, an explosion coming up. This is a herald, listen close.

[[[[ NOTE : title of work is not in one line!! it is written like this: Venus transit (herald) WIP whip smack thank you!]]]]

What I am presenting for the show is an inbetween moment from a work that I am developing right now. In the end (as far as that idea goes) I want there to be a film installation, a physical environment that will root from a poem that I wrote earlier this year. The poem is called Venus transit, and that is also the title of the work. As I said, for this summer’s show it will be an in-between moment, but that is also exciting for me to think about. What shape can a work in progress take, how is it different from the end and how much of the end is already in it? What does it give away, and which details come out of an inbetween stage where they might otherwise have gotten lost along the way?

So for now, I call it Venus transit (herald) WIP whip smack - a work in progress of a film to be. This poem, film, installation, may be a cut section into the infinite layers of the universe and us. Wip whip smack! Smack because it is fast and full of energy like an explosion, yet the Venus transit is also galactically slow, things take time to become, to spread , to reshape from dust.  Opposites make the balance here and everywhere, much also in the layering of what is very close, our mothers and fathers, and what comes long before us in the form of celestial dust that floated through the universe long before our time and travels through our pores until today. Somewhere along the way money fell in the bag too.