Self-portrait: Eternal I

Self-portrait: Eternal I

Hsiao Hsi Chen

Autonomous Context  2022-2023

Only by experiencing dissociation, one can become an individual. Only by realizing isolation, one can apprehend existence. Only by accepting actuality, one can mature in subsisting. Only by reaching the ground, one can relate to everyone.

(FOR SOCIAL MEDIA) She performed a decapitation act at the Opera station in 2022. Building upon the concept of separating the head from the body, the upcoming project focuses on the narration of the dissociated head.

(FOR WEBSITE) When the head fell to the ground, more questions were raised up to the sky. The decapitation of the head that took place by the Antwerp Opera in 2022 was not the end. It was a spontaneous, intuitive move that was merely a starting point of a phase of self-reflection. The second phase will be an exploration of the dissociated head, and its urge to tell its story of aggravation, restraint and confusion. But the answers remain unclear, so we shall seeā€¦