The End of Highlights

The End of Highlights

Geraldo Dos Santos

Autonomous Context  2022-2023

Geraldo Dos Santos explores the multifaceted use of candles as a "ritual artifact," revealing their symbolic significance in contemporary society. He delves into four contemporary frameworks: Coping-mechanism, heritages, popular identity, and solemnity, shedding light on their diverse roles. Dos Santos highlights the metaphorical significance of candles, expressing devotion, sensuality, and esoteric rites. His work evokes human emotions, regulating cultural systems, fostering a connection to the past, present, and future of tradition.

Geraldo Dos Santos is a contemporary artist born in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1993. He has lived in various countries, including the Netherlands, Brazil, and Peru, which have influenced his artistic journey. Dos Santos's research revolves around the intimate past and focuses on relatable memories, employing a narrative approach to storytelling. He is particularly interested in exploring the relationship between memory-heritage, connection, tradition, and identity. His artworks depict the fusion of elements surrounding us, exploring personal and shared trajectories of unconventional relationships. Drawing from his own experiences and memories, Dos Santos creates works that resonate with viewers, encouraging them to reflect on their own past and experiences. His multicultural background strongly influences his art, emphasizing the interplay between tradition, identity, and a sense of intimacy. Through a narrative approach to storytelling, he conveys his message in a powerful manner, evoking emotions and memories in the viewer.

Dos Santos’s art work delves into the complexities of human interactions and the shaping of our understanding of the world through experiences. The term "emulsion" describes his artistic process, symbolizing the combination of different elements to create a cohesive whole, mirroring the intricate nature of memories and experiences.

In his artistic practice, Dos Santos works with various media, including paintings, ceramics, drawings, and installations. He uses art to challenge preconceptions and assumptions, seeking to unravel the complexity of beliefs. By systematically organizing relatable memories and memory-heritage, he aims to comprehend the collective consciousness of the world and the role of tradition in shaping our understanding of the past. Dos Santos is particularly interested in exploring the subconscious triggers of melancholic emotions, the physical and mental spaces connected to specific events and sentiments. Moreover, he addresses the familiar gaze by analyzing the personal hubris of visual sociology. Through the use of different mediums, he creates layers of meaning, questioning our perception and interpretation of the world and how our beliefs shape our understanding of reality.

Geraldo Dos Santos is a artist who invites viewers to explore the symbolic significance of candles in cultural practices. Through his artworks, he reveals the metaphorical meaning behind the use of candles, evoking devotion, sensuality, and esoteric rites. Dos Santos emphasizes the creative and profound nature of candles in these contexts, shedding light on their role in regulating cultural systems and evoking human emotions. His artistic practice unveils the significance of memory-heritage, (connection/extension), and semiosis, highlighting their impact on our thoughts, behaviors, and relationships. By exploring these concepts within the context of candle usage, Dos Santos prompts viewers to reflect on their own cultural experiences and the inherent systems in everyday rituals.