Your ceiling is someone else’s floor

Your ceiling is someone else’s floor — Noortje Lenaerts

Applied Context  2021—2022

Your ceiling is someone else's floor is a publication on apartments – a visual essay on the life cycle of the giants in which humans have played out many lives. Different only in size and culture, similar in structure.

This book is divided into three chapters, each focusing on a phase in their lifetimes: construction, living on top of each other, demolition and decay.

The concept, design and all illustrations are by Noortje Lenaerts, the accompanying texts are written by Hubert Tuyishime.

This book was printed using a risograph at in Antwerp with black and white ink on Curious Matter Black Truffle paper by Arjowiggins, Smoke paper and White Frost paper by Colorplan. An edition of 25 books.