De tijger die geen vlees lust

De tijger die geen vlees lust — Lucas Suykens

Applied Context  2021-2022

Een vrolijk en kleurrijk kinderboek dat de focus legt op het plezier rond tuinieren. Het verhaal motiveert de kinderen om zelf planten te groeien en te verzorgen.

Lucas Suykens is a Belgian illustrator based in Antwerp. That mainly works around stories for children. He highlights the beautiful things in life and wants to teach them the right values.

One of my big hobbies is working in the vegetable garden. It's something I discovered 10 years ago that calms me down. For my master project, I gave myself the goal of introducing gardening to young children. As an illustrator, I did this by making a children's book that tells the story of a tiger who doesn't like meat. The book focuses on making friendships, exploring and of course growing vegetables. Beyond the book, the effective tools such as seeds and instructions are provided so they can do it themselves after reading. The tiger serves as an example for the children he motivates them to want to do it themselves. I believe gardening makes us more caring, makes us calm and just kind and sweet.